New Valley Agronomics facility in Pocatello

POWER COUNTY, Idaho:  Valley Agronomics, LLC is constructing a fertilizer distribution and retail center on a portion of the former FMC site west of Pocatello, pursuant to an agreement between the Power County Development Authority (PCDA), FMC Corporation, and Valley Agronomics that allow redevelopment to proceed in conjunction with construction of the FMC remedial action.
Valley Agronomics facility will serve the agricultural economy of Southeast Idaho by providing products and services to farmers and ranchers, including custom fertilizers for maximum crop yields.  The project reflects a capital investment of $12 million and at full scale will employ 60-70 people.  The initial phase of the operation will encompass approximately 15 acres and utilize rail service provided by the Union Pacific Railroad.  A second phase of development will encompass an additional area of 12 acres where warehousing and retail operations will be located.
Valley Agronomics is a partnership between Valley Wide Cooperative and WinField Solutions, LLC, which is a Land O’Lakes company.  Valley Wide Cooperative is an Idaho-based co-op with a long heritage in agronomy, retail, feed and fuel, and propane businesses with cooperative roots dating back to the 1920’s. Valley Wide Cooperative has multiple farm service locations throughout Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming.
“Valley Agronomics is very excited to commit to southeast Idaho on such a large scale,” said Dave Holtom, CEO of Valley Wide Cooperative.   “We are a community oriented company and have long wanted to establish a home base in the Pocatello area to complete our service to the upper Snake River Plain agricultural community.  This site gives us that advantage.”
“The location of this project is a culmination of a great deal of hard work and dedication by all parties to bring economic growth back to a property that once contributed greatly to the economy of Southeast Idaho.  Valley Agronomics will bring new life to the property as FMC completes remediation according to plans approved by the Environmental Protection Agency,” said Kent Rudeen, Chairman of the PCDA. 
“FMC appreciates the efforts of Valley Agronomics and PCDA to come together to make this happen,” said Paul Yochum, FMC spokesperson.  “When the FMC plant closed in 2001, the company committed to remediate the property and see it redeveloped.  Today, that commitment is coming to life.”
Valley Agronomics, PCDA and FMC are working with EPA, IDEQ and the Shoshone Bannock Tribes to ensure that the project fits into the remedial design for the FMC site. EPA places a high priority on land revitalization as an integral part of its Superfund cleanup mission.
Valley Agronomics is pleased to announce that Sid Jensen is the project manager.  He has worked for Valley Wide Cooperative for 4 years and has built similar facilities in Greenleaf and Hansen, Idaho.

Please enjoy this video showing the progress on the plant: