Member Application

Since Valley Agronomics is part of Valley Wide Coop, you may apply for membership in Valley Wide Cooperative. There are two types of status' that can be applied for: Qualifying Patron, and Membership. The benefits of each are as follows:


Qualifying Patron

  • Vote for board members
  • Participate in annual meetings
  • Receive annual patronage
  • Receive annual patronage

Get your Membership Application Forms

Answer a few questions to get the appropriate forms to become a member of Valley Wide Cooperative. Once you have downloaded your forms, you can mail, fax, email or upload your signed files to us.

Note, the ST-101 Sales Tax Resale / Exemption Certificate is intended for those users who require a sales tax exemption, and is included in all packets but is not required.

Do You Own a Farm and expect to spend $2500 annually with Valley Wide Coop?:
Would you like to apply for a credit account with Valley Wide Coop?:
Would You like to Add Fuel/Fleet Card(s) to your new account, which will help you save $0.02 per gallon?:
How Will You Send Your Forms?:

You only need to submit this form if you are uploading your application files.
Security Code:

If you have any questions about how to complete your forms, please call us at 208-372-7011.