Seed Cleaning

Valley Agronomics offers seed cleaning services in Arco and Preston Idaho. With these services we are better able to serve our customers needs. We have certified and trained technicians who operate our seed cleaning equipment. 

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Seed cleaning is the process of removing the impurities of other plants, weeds, and dead waste. Farmers use this method when they are identifying the best seed for planting. Valley Wide Cooperative offers a complete small grain cleaning service that mainly focuses on the following grain:
  • shutterstock_320814605-(1).jpgMalt Barley
  • Red and White Wheat
  • Feed Barley
  • Oats

Seed cleaning is done with the Valley Wide Clipper Screen Machine. This machine uses the lates technology to perform the cleaning based on the width and length of the seeds. Other methods consist of dimensions of thickness, shape of the seed, texture of the seed, and the weight. Our top of the line equipment provides a fast and efficient method to seed cleaning.


Seed Cleaning Process

  1. Seed is received
  2. Once it is loaded onto the conveyer it is taken into a holding tank where it can be treated with a Fungicide and/or Insecticide
  3. Bagged into 65 lb bags, 2000 lb totes, or can be bulk loaded right back into a truck
  4. Distributed to farmers