Valley Agronomics provides aerial imagery through a tool called MavRX. MavRX provides the tools to confidently quantify, verify, and improve crop performance, through an analysis of short term and cummulative data from imagery. Take your farming to the next level with Valley Agronomics and see the results for yourself!


Next Gen Farming

The next generation of farming practices is here! Precision in-season imagery tools that provide accurate and timely information to help with identifying, resolving and preventing problems. Maximize returns by combining in-season imagery and our local expert crop advisors, tilizing their knowledge to address in field variation and take corrective actions to minimize potential yield reducing problems.

Field Velocity

Field Velocity measures a field’s current performance relative to it’s 5-year historical average by analyzing calibrated satellite imagery from multiple constellations. 

The Field Velocity Dashboard allows you to monitor field performance for all acres under your management.


In-Season Satellite Imagery


In-season calibrated and normalized multiconstellation satellite imagery with relative and absolute values provides clear data interpretation and spatio-temporal comparisons. The Landsat satellite constellation provides NDVI imagery at 20 meter resolution, which can help with initial identification of problem areas.

The Sentinel satellite constellation provides NDVI imagery at 8 meters of resolution, which gives a more accurate view of problem areas.

With up to 5 years of historical satellite imagery, field performance and variability assessment become much easier and more accurate.


UHR Imagery

Crop Performance:
Relative crop performance values provide a clear view of crop performance within a given field at a specific moment in time.

Absolute Crop Performance:
Crop performance image calibrated to a normalized scale for comparison of how the crop performance changes over time.

Multi-Spectral, Fixed Wing, Ultra High Resolution Imagery provides crisp images at 20 cm resolution. Near Infrared, RGB and Advanced NDVI images that are optimized to highlight in-field performance variability and pin-point potential problem areas.

Near Infrared:
Infrared is an effective tool for detecting moist regions in fields, soilplant patterns, multi-hybrid zones, and in-field features.

High-res visible imagery is effective for crossreferencing other layers to investigate pattern causation and make quick crop damage diagnoses after weather events.


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