Platinum Precision Subscription

How are you going to kick your farming up a notch?

With Valley Agronomics Precision Ag, you spend more time in the field, and less time in the office. With a Platinum Precision subscription, you maximize your return on your investment.

PRECISION AG is our core competency and we’ve just kicked it up for 2019!
With a Valley Agronomics Platinum Precision Subscription 2019 you get more precise choices:

  • One resource to manage all your farming needs
  • More expertise from industry experts right when you need it most
  • Easy-to-use mobile-friendly software
  • Unmatched savings that will make you more profitable
For 2019, we have included everything in the 2018 package and $1,000 of the following options. 
  • EC Mapping 
  • NDVI UHR Staff Subscription(s)
  • Water Stress UHR ImagingBeta
  • H2O Add-on Credit
  • Field Forecasting Tool Credit
  • Soil Moisture Probe Credit
  • Soil Samples
Click on the links below to get examples of the type of reports that come with a Valley Ag Platinum Precision Subscription 

If you are interested in learning more about how these tools can help save time and money, let's talk!