Variable Rate

Variable Rate Technology allows growers to begin to manage the variability that exists within fields:

Variable Rate Fertilizer*

Variable Rate Fertilizer can address the variability in fertility within a field by placing more fertilizer where fertility is lacking, and less where fertility is plenty.


Variable Rate Seeding*

Variable Rate Seeding can be used to address plant stand variability, to promote uniform stands.


Variable Rate Irrigation*

Variable Rate Irrigation can be used to address the variability in water holding capacity that can exist within fields.

*Variable Rate Technology requires a geo-spatially referenced data layer, that can be used to then generate a prescription to deliver the correct amount of fertilizer, seed or water over a given portion of the field. The geo-spatially referenced data layers can come from:
-Grid Soil Sampling (Generally 2 acre grids)
-EC Soil Mapping
-Aerial/Satellite Imagery (MavRX tool)
-Historical Peak Vegetative Growth Images (MavRX tool)
-Elevation Maps
-Yield Monitors
-Geo-spatially referenced images (images taken by drone, airplane or satellite)